Deb Tisler - Owner/Designer

 There is such power in the way your home makes you feel!  It's where you can relax and be energized at the same time; it's a reflection of you and your family, and what's most important to you, as well as a place to welcome others...


     Santa Fe Redesign is the culmination of more than 30 years of projects – some that I envisioned as an answer to “what could we do here?”, or “how could we make this unique and special?”,  and others that I read about in design books and magazines, or saw in a photo or on TV – all implemented to turn houses into homes.  My husband and I were DIYers before that was even a thing – we had great ideas, and more enthusiasm than money – so we just figured it out along the way!  Over the years our confidence grew (as did our collection of tools) and before we knew it, we had quite a list of completed projects and lessons learned!

     After years of being a stay-at-home mom, my creativity and love for design found an outlet in Southern Living at HOME (a direct sales company featuring home décor items) – I had found my niche.  Over nearly 10 years as I grew my business, I had the opportunity to receive design training from the creative team at Southern Living magazine, and as a leader in the company was privileged to speak and train others at both Regional and National Conferences.   When the company closed, I shifted to another facet of design and worked for 6 years in Image Management, helping clients put together wardrobe options that reflected their needs, lifestyles and personalities.

     The last 4 years have brought a few major life changes – becoming empty-nesters and several corporate moves - the last one bringing us to Santa Fe (we love it here, and we’re staying!)  

     During this time of transition, we lived in a loft apartment for 18 months…but of course it was a little more complicated than that!  We knew it would be a temporary situation, so we weren’t moving our household goods, which meant I needed to furnish and decorate on a shoestring budget, balancing the need for the loft to feel like home, but also be able to host colleagues and guests.

     In preparation for the move to Santa Fe, we decided to sell our home of 20 years, and lived in a vacation rental in Santa Fe until we found the right home to purchase here.

     So, in the last four years I have been on all sides of the home buying and selling process, and I get it!  I understand the emotional connection to the home you are selling, and how tough it can be to go through the process, even when you are excited about the next step…

     I have also been the buyer, searching for the house that will not only meet your needs, but will give you that feeling - the one that reassures you that this, too, will become a wonderful home for you and your family!

     I understand the frustration of living somewhere temporarily while you wait for the right thing…and wondering how to blend your furniture with the signature Santa Fe architecture…

         Whether it’s staging a home for sale or giving your current home a refresh, I would love to help with your next design project!


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